2020 Scholarship Recipients

Our Scholarship Committee has chosen two extraordinary young women to receive AAUW 2020 scholarships. We wish that we had more scholarships because many students are so well qualified and deserving of our help. Both of these young women are seniors at Carson High School. Both students have perfect grades, great ambition and brilliant futures.

Gabriela Fernandez is from El Salvador. She arrived here after a long journey to join her mother. She was felt deficient in school but found strength in continuing to try. After she mastered English, doors opened for her. She will major in environmental studies at WNC. She hopes to be an example to other children who have fled from violence and poverty. She is a remarkable student who has used hard work, supportive mentors and education as keys to success.

Ava Covington’s goals include a degree in Geophysics. She hopes to work for NASA one day. As a woman in STEM she has faced challenges that men have not always faced. She has depended on the help of other women to overcome these problems. She hopes to provide the same sort of impact on women she will meet to help them as well. Ava wants to change the world, grow herself and inspire others.